When you start planning your wedding, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, on average it takes over 250 hours to plan a wedding. You spend hours scrolling through Instagram, seeing all the amazing weddings in blogs and magazines, and your pinning like it's your full time job!

You know what you want, but you're not sure where to start... This is where Fauxtanical can help. I am a complete creative perfectionist with a keen eye for detail and whichever one of our services you require

We love working with couples who challenge tradition, who dare to be different. 

This is no ordinary day and we'd love to be part of making it that little bit "extra"ordinary - whether that's climbing up ladders and hanging from the ceiling, outsourcing unusual props and flowers, becoming graffiti artists or getting the chainsaw out to create a bespoke piece...

no idea, style or request is too crazy.







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