I'm Casey, founder and the creative brains behind Fauxtanical.


From dealing with your first enquiry to delivering your vision on your big day... I'm a one woman band (well apart from my right-hand man, but more about him below). 

I'm a born creative and could always be found getting my craft on - I used to ask for colouring sets instead of Easter eggs as a kid?! 

 I have a keen eye for detail and I'm completely in my element when designing, planning, creating and making!! 

I followed this passion through into adulthood, gaining qualifications and experience within fashion, design and events, and it was only after getting married myself and helping do friends and families weddings; that I realised my true calling. I now continue to build my development, becoming a qualified Wedding Stylist and Floral Designer through the Wedding Academy. 

When I'm not styling weddings or being a floral fairy, I love nothing more than trekking through the countryside with my husband, Liam, our crazy Cocker Ollie and little boy, Jake and I can always be found with a camera in hand, capturing candid family moments.



Music | Campfires | Dogs | Summer evenings | Food | Scotland | Red Lipstick


  • I love a good builders brew (the stronger the better)

  • I used to be good at breakdancing...(Until I put my back out, whilst doing a forward roll!)

  • I've lived all over the UK, which has resulted in me having a strong northern accent, with a little bit of welsh thrown in for good measures. 

  • I've sang opera live on telly 

Liam - Woodwork fanatic and the creative muscles behind Fauxtanical

Trying to whittle down what Liam does in a few words was difficult...he's pretty much the backbone of Fauxtanical. He can usually be found making props and furniture at 2am, loading the car, hanging the installations from ceilings and reining me in when I want to buy another 100 charger plates (spoil sport!) As much as Liam is great with building and creating things, he also has an incredible eye for detail and will absolutely not settle for anything less than perfect.


Camping | Hiking | BBQ's | Spending time with friends & family | Power tools  


  • He's a massive 90's music fan and loves a good, cheesy floorfiller!!

  • He was once attacked by a penguin

  • When he's not grafting for Fauxtanical, he fixes aircrafts

  • He once made a 224oz/1 stone to say he didn't eat it all!



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